Data security is fundamental to everything we do.

The security and privacy of our customers’ data is our highest priority. ​Earning the trust of our customers is critical to ​the success of ​our business.”
John Schwarz,
CEO, Visier.

Welcome to the Visier Trust Site

Our Trust site explains the robust security and privacy practices we use when handling your data.

You can view real-time information on system performance and uptime, planned maintenance schedules, and better understand our security controls and privacy practices.

We understand that security is of the utmost importance wherever your data is concerned. That’s why our solutions are built from the ground up with security in mind. This is demonstrated by the way we implement secure coding practices, how we design our infrastructure and operations, and by our audits and certifications.

Our solutions empower you with the necessary controls to manage your users and restrict the data they can access so you are able to more easily comply with your internal policies. We also engage reputable independent firms to evaluate and validate our security and privacy practices and controls.

External Validation of Visier’s Security and Organizational Controls

Visier regularly undergoes rigorous SOC 2 audits. During this process, we work with an internationally recognized public accounting firm to validate our comprehensive information security and organizational controls to protect customer data. These audits are a typical expectation for SaaS providers and offers reasonable assurance on Visier’s control environment with respect to the security, availability, and confidentiality trust services principles.

Our SOC 3 report further describes the internal controls that have been implemented to meet these principles.

Dedicated Security, GRC and Privacy Teams

Visier has dedicated security, GRC, and privacy teams who are responsible for overseeing and guiding Visier’s security, governance, and privacy practices. These teams foster the strong security and privacy culture within Visier and are instrumental in developing our employees’ security and privacy minded perspective whenever they are dealing with your data.